Recent Publications

  • Hasegawa N, Takeda K, Sakuma M, Mani H, Maejima H, Asaka T:
    Learning effects of dynamic postural control by auditory biofeedback versus visual biofeedback training.
  • Takeda K, Mani H, Hasegawa N, Sato Y, Tanaka S, Maejima H, Asaka T:
    Adaptation effects in static postural control by providing simultaneous visual feedback of center of pressure and center of gravity.
  • Ibuki A, Mani H, Takeda K, Hasegawa N, Yamamoto K, Naejima H, Asaka T:
    Characteristic Relationship between the Centre of Pressure and the Centre of Mass During Quiet Standing in Female Ballet Dancers.
  • Wang Y, Watanabe K, Asaka T:
    Aging effect on muscle synergies in stepping forth during a forward perturbation.
  • Takahashi K, Maejima H, Ikuta G, Mani H, Asaka T:
    Exercise combined with low-level GABAA receptor inhibition up-regulates the expression of neurotrophins in the motor cortex.
  • Ito K, Tomata Y, Kogure M, Sugawara Y, Watanabe T, Asaka T, Tsuji I:
    Housing type after the Great East Japan Earthquake and loss of motor function in elderly victims: A prospective observational study
  • Miyagishima S, Asaka T, Kamatsuka K, Kozuka N, Kobayashi M, Igarashi R, Hori T, Yoto Y, Tsutsumi H:
    Characteristics of antigravity spontaneous movements in preterm infants up to 3 months of corrected age
  • Asaka T: Postural control and Clinical applications. Tianjin University of Sports, China, April 28. 2016.
  • Mani H, Takeda K, Hasegawa N, Nanbu M, Totsuka M, Tsuda A, Itou K, Ohashi T, Suwahara T, Zhao J, Hsiao SF, Asaka T: Difference of the relative distances from center of pressure to center of mass between the young and elderly people during One-leg standing, APCOCS 2014, June 12-13, Japan
  • Hasegawa N, Sakuma M, Mani H, Totsuka M, Tsuda A, Ito K, Ohashi T, Suwahara T, Takeda K, Zhao J, Hsiao SF, Kasahara S, Asaka T: Different effects of motor learning between visual and auditory feedback exercises in dynamic postural balance, APCOCS 2014, June 12-13, Japan