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Faculty of Health Sciences/
Graduate School of Health Sciences/
Department of Health Sciences,
School of Medicine,
Hokkaido University

Overview of Schools and Faculty

Health Sciences Development

We define health sciences as the interdisciplinary research areas to study “health” which adopts a broad concept of the maintenance of and the improvement in biopsychosocial well-being for all.

Our institute consists of three organizations ‒ an undergraduate school and a postgraduate school to which our students belong, and a faculty with academics. The undergraduate school is addressed as the Department of Health Sciences because it’s under the umbrella of the School of Medicine. Though, the Graduate School of Health Sciences is independent of the School of Medicine. The Faculty of Health Sciences is made up of Health Sciences faculty members who are engaged in education and research.

We are committed to establishing academic frameworks in health sciences which contribute to regaining, maintaining and enhancing human health. We also endeavor to produce researchers and educators who advance the academic frameworks and pass the torch to the next generations aiming to help further improve higher education and boost the standards of research in Japan.

Schools and Faculty

Structure of the institute: Department of Health Sciences (School of Medicine) with five undergraduate degree program divisions; Graduate School of Health Sciences with two postgraduate degree program areas in master’s/doctoral levels; and Faculty of Health Sciences with six departments, endowed chairs with support of corporates, Core Research Laboratory and two research centers.


Graduate School of Health Sciences

Division of Health Sciences
Nursing Degree Programs Health Sciences Degree Programs
Major fields of study at the master’s level Major field of study at the doctoral level Major fields of study at the master’s level Major field of study at the doctoral level
Nursing Nursing Sciences Biomedical Science and Engineering Advanced Medical Sciences
Advanced Public Health Nursing Medical Laboratory Science
Advanced Midwifery Rehabilitation Science Comprehensive Health Sciences
Advanced Practice Nursing Health Research Studies



Our brochure, published annually, compiled with profile/facts & figures in brief.

Guidebook 2023

  • Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • History; Schools and Faculty; Committees
  • Board of Executives; Directors/Deans; Emeritus Professors; Number of Staff/Clinical Training Faculty
  • Departmental Exchange Agreements
  • Number of Students; Enrollment/Employment by Region; Total Number of Graduates; Career Paths after Graduation
  • Awards; External Funds; School Library
  • Land and Buildings
  • Map of Sapporo Campus

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