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Faculty of Health Sciences/
Graduate School of Health Sciences/
Department of Health Sciences,
School of Medicine,
Hokkaido University

Current International/Overseas Students

Residence Card and Immigration Status

Further leave to remain in Japan: how to extend your stay

Sapporo Regional Immigration Services Bureau accepts applications for an extension of stay in Japan approximately from the date three months prior to the “date of expiration” on your residence card.
Ask the Academic Affairs Office (Health Sciences 1F) for the certificates required by the Immigration Services Bureau. Documents will be ready in about a week to pick up. Submit necessary documents immediately to the Immigration Services Bureau to apply for an extension of immigration status.
Please make sure you hand in a photocopy of your renewed residence card to the Academic Affairs.

Remaining to work in Japan after graduation/completion of the degree program

You must change your immigration status to “Specified Activities” after graduation to remain in Japan for job hunting. Ask the Academic Affairs for a reference letter in the month of graduation/completion of the degree program (not available for research students).

Student Finance

Tuition Fees and exemptions

For the MEXT (Japanese Government), Hokkaido University and other scholarships, See Scholarships for prospective students (HU website).


Degree program students (undergraduate and postgraduate)

Some certifications are issued from ACM (Automatic Certificate Machine, see below). Only final academic year of students are eligible for Certificate of Expected Graduation.

ACM (Automatic Certificate Machine)

1. Certifications available at the ACM

1) Certificate of University Registration

2) Transcript

3) Certificate of Expected Graduation

4) Certification for Student Trip Fare Reduction (valid for 3 months)

5) Health Certificate

  • Up to 4copies for 1)~3),5copies for 4) and 5) can be issued per day
  • 1) – 3) Both Japanese and English certificates are available. 4) Only Japanese certificate is available. 5) Both Japanese and English certificates are available.
  • Only regular students are eligible.
  • Only final academic year of students are eligible for Certificate of Expected Graduation.
  • The health certificate can only be issued to those who have taken all items in the physical checkup.
2. Location of the ACM

1) Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, Lobby 1F

2) Clark Memorial Student Center, Hall 2F

3) Lecture Theaters between Faculty of Law and Faculty of Letters, Hall 2F

4) School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy, Front Entrance Hall

5) Faculty of Engineering, Front Entrance Lobby

6) Faculty of Agriculture, on the side of Front Entrance

7) Graduate School of Environmental Science, Front Entrance Lobby

8) Lecture-room Building, Lobby (School of Fisheries Sciences)

3. Operation hours: 9:00–17:00

Service suspended during weekends, National holidays, Year-end and New Year holidays Service unavailable for maintenance at the beginning of semester (March and September) Operation hours can be subject to change. Please check the notification posted on a bulletin board or ELMS.

Research students

Ask at the Academic Affairs desk for a copy of “Certificate of University Registration”. Transcript not available.
For other certificates please make an inquiry to the Academic Affairs for information.


Please inquire into the Academic Affairs. We do not send certificates to overseas countries. You should obtain necessary certificates beforehand if you are leaving Japan after graduation/completion.


Student Residence Halls

Read emails from the Academic Affairs and make an application by a given closing date. For details see Housing (HU website)

The Academic Affairs will send a Call for Application email to:

  • New April students – sometime between the end of January and the beginning of February; and
  • New October students – sometime between the end of July and the beginning of August.
    Let the Office know if you haven’t received the email.

Commercial accommodation e.g. rented private apartments

See Renting Privately (HU website)

Student Life

Student handbooks

Information portals

Also, check ELMS regularly for news releases for the graduate students of Health Sciences (you have registered with ELMS at the time of admission to HU).

Job Search

See the below page, bulletin boards around the graduate student rooms and ELMS for job vacancy updates.


Take all your personal belongings away from the graduate student room, study hall or your lab when you leave HU upon graduation/completion. HU reserves the right, without liability, to discard any property left behind after students’ graduation/completion.


Academic Affairs
Office: Faculty of Health Sciences 1F
Opening hours: Weekdays 9:00–17:00 (excluding national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)
Email: Kyomu[at]
Replace [at] with @ when emailing

Regarding the library, visit Health Sciences Library in person or email the Library Affairs; hs[at]
Replace [at] with @ when emailing

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