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How to Apply for Graduate Study

Research in health sciences extensively covers areas such as health maintenance and enhancement, health functional food, quality-of-life improvement, medical and healthcare technologies, diagnoses and treatment of injuries and diseases, diagnosis and treatment methods development and drug development. In a sense, it is integrated research studies of medicine, biomedical science and engineering and humanities. At the Graduate School of Health Sciences, we welcome students with diverse backgrounds from other graduate schools, universities as well as working adults.

The graduate school maintains three admission categories for applicants – home students, working adults and overseas students. This page shows the application and admissions steps for overseas students. Prospective students, please make solid contact with your future research supervisor and organize your application process.

Please note that our academic year starts in April and ends in March. There is no October intake.

Prior to Making Application

1. Select a Degree Program and Find a Research Supervisor

Go to the Graduate School of Health Sciences page to determine which degree program to pursue, and a prospective research supervisor (either a professor or associate professor). Reach out to the faculty member directly to discuss your research proposal. You can apply for a degree program only after gaining consent for acceptance from the faculty.


2. Application Guidelines (in pdf) Available on Our Website

Make sure you read the application guidelines carefully and prepare documents in time.

Application requirements: Proof of language proficiency required

1) English language

<For master’s>
An official Score Report (original) of TOEFL or IELTS taken within two years before your admission exam month (August).*

<For doctoral>
An Official Score Report (original) of TOEFL-iBT or IELTS taken within two years before your admission exam month (August).* Not required if you have enrolled in one of the master’s degree programs of the Graduate School of Health Sciences in AY2014 or after.

*Please be advised we will cancel your application if you do not send us the original score report by the admissions exam date.

2) Japanese language

<For master’s>
An official score certificate from one (or more than one) of the ten government-recognized language assessment tests listed in the Application Guidelines.
Current research students of Hokkaido University may instead submit a certificate of program completion of the Japanese language program provided by the University (see the Application Guidelines).

<For doctoral>
A score sheet of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU); or a certificate of program completion or an attendance affirmation of the Japanese language program provided by the University (see the Application Guidelines).

Applicants may need to go through an application review for qualification approval before applying for a graduate degree program. See “Application Requirements” in the Application Guidelines.


3. Making Application

The Application Guidelines contain details of the application window. Check dates since it opens only for a week. Hand in your application documents at the admin office in the Graduate School of Health Sciences. If by post, send your application by registered express mail and make sure it arrives at our office by the closing date and time.


4. Academic Admissions Exam

See the Application Guidelines for dates and other details.

Exam format and subject
Master’sOral exam: Interview


5. Exam Results Release

Results will be posted on the graduate school website. Instructions on the registration process including the registration window period will be sent with your acceptance letter.

April in the Following Year

Graduate School Admissions


Please see the FAQs first.

Inquiries should be directed to the faculty member who has agreed to supervise your research at our Graduate School.

For other issues not covered above, please refer to “Application Guidelines” or email the International Affairs Office, Faculty of Health Sciences, Hokkaido University.

Email: intloffice[at]
Replace [at] with @ when emailing

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