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Message from the Faculty of Health Sciences Dean

Welcome to the Department of Health Sciences!

齋藤写真HP用The Department of Health Sciences in Hokkaido University School of Medicine is committed to preparing students for successful careers in health sciences in line with the university’s four philosophies (i.e., Frontier Spirit, Global Perspectives, All-round Education and Practical Learning). Specifically, the Department seeks to: 1. provide all-round education to develop a well-rounded character, 2. offer courses intended to develop comprehensive perspectives, specialized knowledge and skills in health and medical services, 3. develop health and medical professionals with international perspectives, and 4. produce leaders, educators and researchers with a frontier spirit. Students who enroll in the Department of Health Sciences are encouraged to assess their aptitude, set career goals and press forward toward them by leveraging the educational and research environment provided.

Health sciences are a field of study with an emphasis on preventing the onset and recurrence of illness and injury and on assessing, maintaining and promoting the physical, mental and social wellbeing of people in all life stages – from the embryonic stage to childhood and adulthood to old age – with an eye toward global public health issues that have become increasingly complex and diverse. In the field of medical sciences and medical care, health sciences can be seen as a field of study with an emphasis on preventive medicine in a broad sense, which includes primary prevention (prevention of the onset of illness and injury, and health maintenance and promotion), secondary prevention (early detection and treatment) and tertiary prevention (prevention of recurrence and rehabilitation). However, the prevention of illness and the maintenance and promotion of health require knowledge about human beings and profound insights into their interactions with the environments around them. Accordingly, health sciences are a health-related interdisciplinary field that involves not only medical sciences, but also science and engineering, agriculture, environmental science, pharmacology, economics, philosophy, ethics and so on. Based on this academic background, the Department of Health Sciences is committed to developing future generations of medical professionals, educators and researchers capable of helping to solve various health issues using their broad perspectives and high levels of expertise.

The Department of Health Sciences consists of five divisions: Nursing, Radiological Science and Technology, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. To offer systematic curricula in medical sciences and medical care, the Department is located within the School of Medicine along with the Department of Medicine. For graduate education, Graduate School of Health Sciences of Hokkaido University offers master’s and doctoral programs. The graduate school has continued to evolve as an interdisciplinary research and education center seeking to strengthen the foundations for research and education in health sciences to support the performance of advanced medical care, to prevent illness and maintain and promote health, and to create a safe and secure society. Graduates from the Department of Health Sciences are encouraged to further pursue their studies at the Graduate School using the concepts they learn at the Department and the expertise they acquire at their respective divisions, so that they will enter society as professionals who can leverage their specialization to help enhance the wellbeing of people around the world and achieve the safety and happiness of society. The Department of Health Sciences welcomes people with ambitions.


Takeshi Saito
Director of the Department of Health Sciences,
School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

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