Weekly Activities

Sakai Seminar (Friday, 18:15 – (approx. two hrs.))

Graduate students give presentations on academic articles and research plans related to their research topics.




Research Conference (Tuesday, 18:15 – (approx. two hrs.))

Graduate students instructed by teachers from the Department of Functioning and Disability take turns giving presentations on their research plans. Sakai Lab members also participate in this conference.


Monthly Activities

Sapporo Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Research Seminar

Held at the Faculty of Health Sciences, this is a study group for clinical specialists on themes related to neuropsychology and neuropsychological rehabilitation. Sakai Lab members participate in the study group as part of the activities of the Sakai Seminar.


Annual Activities

Society for Occupational Therapy & Neuroscience Research

Society for Occupational Therapy & Neuroscience Research was established in 2014 by clinical specialists, university teachers and researchers. Sakai Lab members actively participate in the activities of this group.


National Seminar for Occupational Therapy-related Graduate Schools

Graduate students and teachers from occupational therapy-related graduate schools from around the country gather once a year to present their research achievements and deepen exchanges. The 2014 and 2015 seminars were held in Yamagata and Osaka, respectively, and the 2016 seminar will be held in Hokkaido.


Hokkaido Study Group of Neuropsychology

A study group focusing on neuropsychology held three times annually. Sakai Lab members actively participate in the activities of the group.


Joint Seminar

A joint seminar is organized once a year with students from Professor Murohashi’s and Dr. Kasai’s seminars. Students give presentations during the seminar and there is also a social gathering after the seminar.


International activities

The Sakai Lab is actively involved in international exchanges. In 2014, we visited Dr. Kariadi Hospital in Sumarang, Indonesia, which has a faculty-level agreement with HU Faculty of Health Sciences. Our graduate students experienced giving a presentation in English.