Section of Health Network System

The Health Network System is taking advantage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), such as the Internet, to improve community health-care and overall health through the development of Remote Health Consultation Systems for practical use.
Through a high speed Internet connection, the Remote Health Consultation System can link a health counselor at the Health Innovation and Technology Center (HITEC) with the pharmacy at a Tsuruha Drugstore where a remote health consultation terminal has been installed. This enables individuals to walk in and have health consultations by nurses and outreach workers. Over 330 health consultations were performed from last March (2012) to December this year (2013).
In September, four Tsuruha Drugstores in Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures started the service for those affected by the East Japan earthquake disaster. There are numerous topics of ongoing research within the Remote Health Consultation System. Overall development and how to increase practicality are primary areas of study. Content analysis of the actual health consultations to determine feasibility of the remote aspect is another topic. Economic data is also evaluated to determine the cost-effectiveness of the remote health consultation services. Currently, most of our staff members are experts in medical informatics and nursing science. We also encourage participation from experts in the fields of mental health and physiotherapy to broaden the possibilities within the Remote Health Consultation System. It is our aim to take on the challenge of developing a community-health linkage system, which will become an advanced version of the Remote Health Consultation System, and make the Institute of Health Science a global base for health information science.