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About the usage of this site

The official web site of Hokkaido University Faculty of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Health Science and Department of Health Science, School of Medicine is intended for contributing to the university management and the public benefits and for taking the department’s accountability, by disclosing information about the college education and research activities through the internet.

This is the official website of the Hokkaido University Faculty of Health Sciences, managed and operated by the “Public Relations Office” of the Faculty. The site consists of the “departmental site” and each organization sites (hereinafter referred to as “internal sites”). The Public Relations Office bears the responsibility of the departmental site, but the internal sites and their contents are administered responsibly by each individual organizations.

This site is part of the official web site of Hokkaido University. With regard to copyright and disclaimer, these follow correspondingly the policies of Hokkaido University as secondary sites, unless explicitly specified. However, the department concerning the content rights, in particular, unless expressly reserved the university and the board.

Concerning personal information

When the university’s official Web site collects personal information, the purpose will be made clear, and will not be used for other purposes. However, if prior consent was approved and if required by law and the interests of the public when necessary, this site may also make public your information.

Concerning links

The university official site links on the principles of freedom and notices concerning links are not needed. However, note that URL’s and contents may change without prior notice. No responsibility or liability are assumed for incidents involved with such information. Furthermore, links from the following sites are strictly prohibited.

  1. Socially immoral and unethical sites
  2. The university’s faculty members or students defamation sites
  3. The university’s research and education activities defamation sites
  4. Sites which provide potentially illegal information
  5. Sites that impersonate the university’s official site or conduct identity theft
  6. Other sites go against the interests of the university

The university official website links to other sites may be the source site of the prohibited content, and the site’s reliability and safety is not guaranteed.

Browsing the site

Some of the university’s official website pages require plug-ins for PDF, FLASH, etc. In addition, a large part of the core sites use JavaScript, so they may be difficult to view depending on your browser.

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