Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Outline and Educational Policy/Objectives

Educational Policy and Objectives

  1. Cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills, advanced medical profession and leadership development
  2. Taking health sciences to the next level, advanced medical and educational professionals, fostering research
  3. Areas of specialization beyond the world leader in health sciences research and development scientists

Life medical sciences and the rapid progress of science and technology development, medical transplantation, regenerative medicine, reproductive health, such as gene therapy for advanced medical specialization and fragmentation, as well as highly complex diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, a new system of telemedicine, medical support system implementation are underway.Such advanced medical technology is pervasive as the public’s interest in advanced medical technology and advanced medical care is growing.The training of these advanced medical technologies, in order to support the further development of future doctors, registered nurses, nurse midwives, public health nurse radiological technologists, clinical laboratory technicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other advanced medical professionals is essential.

To meet the needs of medicine and society, we foster health science authorities who combine professional skills with ethical judgment, taking advantage of the latest medical technology and EBH (Evidence-Based Health: Public Health based on scientific evidence) incorporating an international perspective to the world’s health sciences research.
admission policy

Admission Policy

Admission Policy of the Graduate School of Health Sciences, Hokkaido University

  • The Graduate School of Health Sciences accepts students from all over the world, regardless of nationality, culture and creed, aiming to advance medical technology science and to achieve academic advancement through coordination among different fields of study.
  • We are looking for new students who possess the willingness to learn, academic ability, creativity, morality and leadership skills in order to achieve our educational policy and objectives.

Postgraduate Degree Courses

1.Master Course of Health Sciences

The Master Course of Health Sciences in the health care system is primarily for students who graduated from the medical technology course for the development of human resources.

  1. We aim to foster radiological technologists and medical treatment specialists for clinical laboratory technical work using the latest radiation treatment systems and clinical diagnostic equipment on the basis of comprehensive clinical knowledge and technical expertise.
  2. We aim to foster physical therapists and occupational therapists incorporating science-based rehabilitation and physical therapy methods, the latest knowledge and expertise and problem-solving ability.
  3. We also accept dietitians and health professionals, interested in science and EBH, and we help them train to be accepted by other medical personnel so that they can work with medical knowledge and skills in laboratory science.
  4. We encourage the students to obtain professional licenses authorized by scientific societies. To this end, we help the students obtain necessary preliminary qualifications.
  5. We also encourage students to proceed to the doctor course by offering a curriculum relevant to research on advanced medical sciences.

2.Master Course of Nursing

The Master Course of Nursing is committed to the generation and dissemination of nursing knowledge and skills for improving care for individuals, families, communities and populations.

  1. The Master Course of Nursing offers two programs leading to the degree of Master of Nursing: ① Nursing Sciences and ② Advanced Nursing Practice.
  2. The Master Course of Nursing aims to prepare nurses with research abilities and advanced clinical skills to provide quality nursing care to individuals, families, communities and populations.

How to complete the course requirements and the postgraduate degree course

How to complete the course requirements

  1. By controlling the content of each course each year and each semester we have made it more systematic to complete the course.
  2. As a general rule, fundamental theory instruction is given in the advanced master course’s lecture format during the first semester of the fist year or the beginning of the second semester.
  3. Practice is performed during the second semester of the first year while the theoretical basis obtained for the masters course is developed for methodology and technology with the latest literature.
  4. In the first semester of the 2nd year, “practical exercises”, the field of highly specialized area of nursing practice in order to cultivate skills, education and medical facilities in practical exercises is offered.
  5. Starting with the 2nd year, teachers help students in “Health Science Research” and “Nursing Research” collect data to compile a master’s thesis. Furthermore, the master’s thesis can be replaced with a “practice of nursing research” under the guidance of teachers.

Completion requirements

  1. For the two-year college degree, more than 30 units of credit must be earned and research completed according to guidance received and reports on particular issues reviewed. The final exam includes an oral presentation made in public, and the contents of the questions and answers will be revealed.
  2. If the student is excellent and qualified, he or she can graduate in just one year.


If the student completes the requirements for the course, which are stipulated by Hokkaido University, he or she can be awarded the title of Master of Health Science or Nursing.

After graduation from the course

Master Course of Health Sciences

  • Various medical institutions of advanced medical professionals leader
    (chief engineer,deputy chief engineer, chief, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical companies, food companies, reagent testing equipment maker, care and welfare of research equipment manufacturers, developers

Master Course of Nursing

  • Nursing Administrator
  • Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Advanced Public Health Nurses
  • Nursing Researcher and Nursing Educator
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