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For Foreign Students

The procedure of application for admissions in our Graduate School of Health Sciences (Master Course & Doctor Course)

(June 15, 2022)

1.Visit the homepage of the Graduate School of Health Sciences, Hokkaido University

Our Homepage:
Master Course / Doctor Course

2.Make a choice of course (and division) you are interested in, then find an academic supervisor (professor or associate professor) whom you intend to study under

Staff Members site URL(You can see the subjects of our research) :

Staff Members (Master Course) / Staff Members (Doctor Course)

3.Contact the supervisor

Via e-mail (his/her address is shown in the above URL site).

If you gain approval from the prospective supervisor, you can apply for admission to our school. For foreign students, we will conduct a written examination (document screening). The application form and related documents for the examination should be prepared with the help of the supervisor. In our current school system, the first semester starts in April.

In the Master course, Japanese proficiency may be required to the level of understanding the lectures since most of the classes are given in Japanese. For this reason, you may be recommended to attend a Japanese language class in the International Student Center, Hokkaido University, as a research student for six months prior to the entrance into the Graduate School. However, the subjects in the graduate school are basically open for international students, in which the lecture can be given thoroughly or partially in English, in response to requests. Especially, in the research work (as centered on in the Doctor course), one to one communication will be made in English. As to the communication issue including application for admission as the research student, please consult the prospective supervisor.

4. Further information

For further information, please contact International Office
*Please use “@” in the place of “*” to send an e-mail.

5. Application Guidelines

AY2023 Master’s Degree Programs Application Guidelines

AY2023 Doctoral Degree Programs Application Guidelines

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