Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Dept. of Medical Laboratory Science

The Department of Medical Laboratory Science aims to prophylactically facilitate health promotion and prevent various illnesses including lifestyle-related disorders, cardiovascular diseases, haematological diseases, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and metabolic diseases. Accordingly, our research field comprehensively covers longitudinal scientific fields including immunopathology, lipid metabolism study, microbiology, laboratory hematology, food science, and ultrasonography, so on, and each other has been inevitably bridged together. Such bridging undoubtedly becomes a driving force, advancing diagnostic techniques, example for accurately visualizing and tracking various biological responses on different dimensions of complicated body features with dynamic changes. That is to say it means creating next-generation medical technology, and its development is essential for securely supporting health science for future generation. Meanwhile, the educational activity of dissemination and enlightenment with our research outcomes to our society via lectures or practical training is also in our mission, provoking fascination of medical laboratory science to young resources. Thus, our goal is the fostering of human resources via high-quality researches with creativeness or keen insights into developing preventive medicine, ensuring development of the next generation deeply versed in health science specifically diagnostic and preventive medicine, responsible for implementing sustainable society.



Hiroyuki YAMAGUCHI / Shu-ping HUI / Akihiro ISHIZU

Associate Professor

Sanae KAGA / Toshihiro SAKURAI / Shogo TAMURA


Torahiko OKUBO / Sakiko MASUDA

Assistant Professor

Yuka NISHIBATA / Yifan CHEN / Michito MURAYAMA / DIBWE DYA FITA EDDY (Faculty Assigned)

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