Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Dept. of Health Sciences and Technology

Health Sciences and Technology

The Department of Health Sciences and Technology was established on April 1, 2011. It presently comprises 13 academic staff and 14 visiting scholars with diverse, interdisciplinary specializations ranging across the fields of metabolic biochemistry, medical informatics, neuroscience, environmental science, and anthropology. They are charged not only with the education of graduate students in Health Sciences related Master/Doctor Courses, but also undergraduate students from a wide range of majors including Nursing, Radiological Science and Technology, and Medical Technology.
We also collaborate internationally with researchers in many fields, and expect these activities to cultivate human resources with strong international and interdisciplinary research potential who can succeed in a multitude of fields.


Dept. of Health Science and Technology : https://www.hs.hokudai.ac.jp/hsths/ (Japanese)

Fields of Research

Lipid metabolism, Oxidative stress response, and Antioxidants (Chiba)
Environment and life, Prevention of disease and aging, Health creation (Saito)
Non-invasive neuroimaging, Biomedical engineering (Yokosawa)
Medical Informatics, Healthcare System, Health economics (Ogasawara)
Global Health, Nutritional Anthropology, QOL and Well-being (Yamauchi)
Biosensor, Biophysical chemistry (Takeda)

Research Labs

Laboratory of Metabolic Regulation
Laboratory of Social Medical Informatics
Laboratory of Functional Neuroimaging
Laboratory of Environmental Health Sciences
Laboratory of Human Ecology


Professor / Specially Appointed Professor

Hitoshi CHIBA / Takeshi SAITO / Koichi YOKOSAWA / Katsuhiko OGASAWARA / Taro YAMAUCHI / Shu-ping HUI

Associate Professor


Assistant professors

Zhen CHEN / Lin QIAO / Takaaki YOSHIMURA / Hui TAN (Faculty Assigned) / WAGEH SOBHY DARWISH (Faculty Assigned) / Hsinjung HO (Faculty Assigned)

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