Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Dept. of Biological Response and Regulation

Department of Biological Response and Regulation” is a donated fund laboratory/department, and was offered on Sept. 2016. The laboratory is aimed primarily to study various biological stresses of cells/tissues/organs/bodies and their responses against the stresses, and also to regulate the biological stresses actively.
We would like to picture/propose an epochal life style to live strong and supple lives in a modern society, and to create a new concept of health sciences for a future life. We have already started to develop new bio-imaging technologies in Laboratory of Molecular and Functional Bio-Imaging (LMFBI) in Health Innovation Center. In this endowed department, we will systemically push a study ahead from a clinical point of view.


Ozaki’s Laboratory:http://prometheus-lsi.com/
・Laboratory of Molecular and Functional Bio-Imaging (LMFBI):http://prometheus-lsi.com/health-innovation/
・Department of Biological Response and Regulation:http://prometheus-lsi.com/bio-res/

Fields of Research

Basic study regarding the molecular mechanisms to maintain the homeostasis of cells/organs against various stresses including cell death, proliferation and growth
Basic study to control biological stresses
・Basic study of anti-stress effects and disease-preventive effects of fragrance and foods (ex. anthocyanin)
Clinical study regarding brain stress and its objective evaluation and regulation


Professor(concurrent post)

Michitaka OZAKI

Specially-appointed research Lecturer

Sanae HAGA


Takao MORI (Visiting researcher) / Naoki MORITA (Visiting researcher) / Hideyuki NEMOTO (Visiting researcher) / Masaaki KAWAMOTO (Co-researcher)

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