Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Dept. of Comprehensive Development Nursing


Department of Comprehensive Development Nursing provides education programs for community health nursing, home care nursing, maternal nursing, and pediatric nursing in the undergraduate course. In the graduate course, we provide education and research programs which consist of three courses; Nursing Studies Course including community nursing, maternal-child nursing, and international maternal-child nursing; Public Health Nursing Course including the curriculum to be a public health nurse; Midwifery Course including the curriculum to be a midwife.
Faculty members are eager to conduct various kinds of academic research activities in order to promote healthy life not only domestically but also internationally. We aim to develop medical human resources who gain practical abilities and international perspectives according to social needs, could explore nursing study as an educator or a researcher to contribute the development of health sciences.


Division of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences : https://www.hs.hokudai.ac.jp/nursing/ (Japanese)


Professor / Specially Appointed Professor

Tadashi SAGAWA / Yoko SATO

Associate Professor

Yoko ASAKA / Michiyo HIRANO



Assistant Professor

Yoshiko MIZUNO / Noriyo COLLEY / Maya NAKAMURA / Ryuta ONISHI

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