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Division of Radiological Science and Technology

About Radiological Science and technology

Radiological Science and technologyRadiological Science and technology is a discipline devoted to the study and handling of ionizing radiation, electromagnetic radiation, and others such as sound waves, in order to see inside the body to examine and treat disease.

In this branch of science, the theory and usage of medical equipment hardware and medical imaging software from the domain of engineering are used to perform diagnosis and treatment, within the medical domain. In this way, radiological science and technology is useful for a wide range of life and medical sciences.

In this field of study, X-ray CT, MRI, etc., are used to obtain biological information necessary for diagnosis, and radiation is used for a high-level treatment. Qualifications for the state examination to become a licensed radiological technologist can be obtained.
In addition, expectations are increasing for specialists with a strong foundation in engineering science and medicine, as well as medical equipment business.

It is promised that talented persons with a mutual interest in engineering science, life science and medical science, will become active professionals. By receiving an education in this field, the study of radiation technology science, put into practice or in research, will be most satisfactory.


  • Eligibility for national exam for radiological technologists can be obtained
  • We encourage the students to obtain the national license for the first-class radiation protection supervisor.

*Institutes in need of people with both licenses are increasing.

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