Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Teacher Introduction

  • Professor
  • Ph.D.
1. Human Ecology
2. Global Health
3. Biological Anthropology
4. Nutritional Ecology
Subject of Research
1. Evolutionary perspective on diet, physical activity and body composition
2. Nutritional adaptation, physical fitness, activity pattern
3. QOL and basic human needs of local communities
4. WASH: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Conducting field work in fishing,agricultural villages, cities and traditional communities in developing countries I research and study peoples lifestyle and how they adapt to health and living conditions. I am exploring health sciences from the vantage point of the local residents.
Message for Examinees
Why not expand your views with overseas field work?
The vivid experiences in a foreign culture may have a dramatic impact on your life. I welcome students of all backgrounds including those in medical treatment.
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