Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Teacher Introduction

Michiyo HIRANO
Michiyo HIRANO
  • Associate Professor
  • Ph.D.
Public Health Nursing
Community Health Nursing
Subject of Research
1) Developing a care program of social activities for the older people who require daily support
2) Developing a preventive care program for the community-dwelling older people
3) Practice and competency of public health nurses working at prefecture and municipality public health centers
In my research, I combine my experience as a public health nurse and the knowledge gained from the community as a foundation to better address the health of the local residents. I believe in practice and evidence based research that evaluates and accumulates the public health nursing know-how in collaboration with public health nurses.
Message for Examinees
Nursing that advances by building connections between people as a foundation is a wonderful thing. Nursing as a study and as a science is truly deep and can lead to your own personal growth. I hope you can learn its beauty.
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