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Teacher Introduction

Tadashi SAGAWA
Tadashi SAGAWA
  • Professor
  • M.D., Ph.D.
Creation Nursing, midwifery, maternity, pediatric nursing group, I am in charge of maternity nursing. And a qualified specialist, of anesthesiologists advocate physician diagnosis obstetrics and gynecology specialist, Maternal Protection Act specified doctor, cells, and is responsible (freshman seminar, hormone and woman) a maternity nursing, midwifery diagnostic technology studies, general education exercises.
Subject of Research
I an examination mammography reading shadow doctor (having a qualification of evaluation AS), study overlap cancer with breast cancer examination in the gynecology, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, family outbreak of the endometrial cancer, breast cancer and gynecology tumor.) In addition, free-style delivery, the obstetrics facilities collection study the contemporary problem to surround perinatal medical care including becoming it.
I am an advisor to the Hokkaido University cheer leading group Cadendia and my hobby is to go support the cheer leading squad in competitions with my research group. Certified advanced level web creator, possess Microsoft Office Specialist license and produce my own homepage. The URL is displayed below.
Message for Examinees
Almost daily, the media has been reporting on obstetrician shortages and the reason things have not gotten any worse is due to the role of the midwife. If the number of midwives also decline then Japan will become a nation unable to safely give birth. I hope that more and more students will aim to become midwives.
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