Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Teacher Introduction

Shinya SAKAI
Shinya SAKAI
  • Professor
  • Ph.D.
1.Occupational Therapy
2.Rehabilitation Science
4.Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Subject of Research
1.Rehabilitation of visual disorders after brain injury
2.Therapy for children with spinal muscular atrophy type 1
Occupational therapist, doctor of disability science (Tohoku University). Recently published thesis: Visual function of a Patient with advanced adrenoleukodystrophy : Comparison of luminance and color contrast sensitivities. Brain Dev 30, 68-72, 2008.
Message for Examinees
In our laboratory we mainly conduct effective research against higher brain dysfunction. If you study the fundamentals of effective research your clinical skills will improve significantly. Why not study effective research and become a clinical specialist?
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