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Teacher Introduction

Michitaka OZAKI
Michitaka OZAKI
  • Professor
  • M.D., Ph.D.
Regenerative and Transplantation Medicine
Molecular Biology
Subject of Research
1) molecular mechanism of stress response and adaptation
2)liver physio-pathology and its systemic impact (a comprehensive study of cell/organ function and whole body conditions)
3)optic imaging: non-invasive/continuous visualization of molecular function and its application for evaluation of cell/organ atmospheres and diagnosis/therapy
I multilaterally analyze the stress that the body and organs (especially the liver) endure on a molecular level. In addition, I would like to understand the body's various alert mechanisms using molecular biology and imaging techniques from an individual level.
Message for Examinees
The most important thing is to identify early on what exactly you want to do and to have faith in achieving those goals. So that you do not have any regrets later.
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