Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Teacher Introduction

  • Professor
  • Ph.D. M.B.A.
Medical Informatics, Economics and Management
Research analyzes information and economics by occurrences of medical technology and medical systems, was served seared problems find solution through the social medicine perspective has interest.
Subject of Research
1.Medical Informatics
2.Clinical Economics and Hospital Management
I myself have gone from radiation technology studies → information engineering→ medical informatics → business administration following my interests. Perhaps because of that background according to graduate students my favorite sayings are "If it isn't fun it's not research," "Do not refuse those who come" and "faith and passion."
Message for Examinees
Medical informatics and clinical economics are not very dependent on academics and instead are very border-less areas of study. In seminars everybody participates in the relentless exchange of questions and opinions but I believe trading ideas with members of the lab coming from various backgrounds will result in acquiring new points of view. Not limited to medical/science students we also welcome individuals with liberal arts backgrounds.
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