Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Teacher Introduction

BOMME GOWDA SIDDABASAVE GOWDA (Health Sciences and Technology)
  • Assistant Professor
  • Doctor of Life Sciences
1. Lipid synthesis and Biochemistry
2. Synthetic Organic Chemistry
3. Metabolomics and Analytical Chemistry
Subject of Research
1. Sphingolipids-synthesis, biological functions,
and their analysis by mass spectrometry (Ex: S1P)
2. Biomarker discovery for inflammatory bowel disease
3. Development of novel lipid extraction and analysis techniques
by the applied organic chemistry
4. Discovery of bioactive lipids from dietary resources
I am a synthetic organic chemist,
with diverse knowledge in sphingolipid synthesis, analysis, and biochemistry.
Also, expertise in performing multi-lipidomics using gas-chromatography
and liquid-chromatography-mass spectrometry for biomarker discovery in inflammation.
Current interests include discovering the novel functions of microbial and dietary sphingolipids.
And developing analytical tools to acquire global lipidomic analysis.
I am looking forward to collaborate with biologists
interested in lipid analysis and functional studies.
Message for Examinees
Let’s explore the crucial role of lipid metabolites in health and diseases for better medical care.
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