Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University

Teacher Introduction

SHRESTHA ROJEET (Medical Laboratory Science)
  • Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D. (Health Sciences)
1. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
2. Lipids and Lipoproteins
Subject of Research
1. Biomarkers in the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases
2. Study of oxidized lipids and lipoproteins
3. Development of assays for lipids and its metabolites.
4. Fatty acids metabolism and measurement
I am fascinated with incredible properties and diversity of lipids, their physiological paramountcy and gravity to affect human health and diseases. My ultimate goal is to explore this area adding value to the diagnostic investigation.
Message for Examinees
Let’s study together to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the pathophysiology of lipid metabolism for better healthcare.
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