Faculty of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Health Sciences/Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University


September 13, 2023 Events

The 4th Health Sciences Seminar 2023 [Oct. 3]

Nutritional properties and innovative food applications of sorghum grain Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Roberts (School of Life …

September 01, 2023 Events

GCF International Symposium 2023 “Solutions to Address Food and Environmental Problems -Visions for the future of Africa-” [Sept. 29]

Hokkaido Universtiy Global Center for Food, Land and Water Resources (GCF) International Symposium 2023Solutions to Addr …

July 19, 2023 Events

The 2nd Health Sciences Seminar 2023 [July 21]

Alzheimer’s disease and Cancer:An “old-age” diseases with an “age-old” solution Lecturer: Prof. K.S. Rangappa (Instituti …

July 03, 2023 Events

HSI Side Event Seminar “Environmental Experience Design to Improve Residents’ Health and Wellbeing” [July 11]

Hokkaido Summer Institute Side Event SeminarEnvironmental Experience Design to Improve Residents’ Health and Wellbeing D …

June 19, 2023 Events

Indigenous Health International Workshop (HU-UoM) [June 29]

Indigenous Health:Exploring Perspectives, Well-being, and Community-based Approaches Date: June 29, 2023 (Thu.) 9:00–12: …

June 12, 2023 Events

The 1st Health Sciences Seminar 2023 [June 16]

Building Environmental Health capacity in Pacific Island Countries to respond to detrimental climate and environmental c …

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