The Laboratory for Advanced Lipid Analysis (LALA) covers a broad range of qualitative and quantitative analysis of lipids, lipid peroxides, and the relevant components such as lipoprotein in various samples.

  We are not only capable of collaborative analyzing researches, but also actively engaged in sorts of cooperation. Moreover, we are able to develop functional foods that inhibit lipid and cell oxidation. Any collaboration, cooperation, and consultation are always welcomed.

  The available instruments are listed below. After a brief guide, the collaborators are allowed to perform analysis with the instrument themselves.

Instrument List

Mass Spectrometers
(Application example: Determination of lipid peroxides)

TSQ Quantum Access (×2)


With the Linear Ion Trap and the SRM(Selected Reaction Monitoring)mode, it is possible to perform quantitative analysis with high selectivity and sensitivity.


TSQ Quantum Access MAX


The equipped HESI (heated ESI) probe reduces noise and increases sensitivity (5-10 times higher than TSQ Quantum Access), thus enhancing quantitative performance.



Linear Ion Trap can perform Multi-stage Tandem Mass Spectrometry, which is very helpful for elucidating the structure of target compound.


LTQ Orbitrap XL

This instrument is used for achieving ultra-high resolution (>100,000) mass spectrometry with reliable accurate mass (3 ppm by the external standard, and 2ppm by the internal standard). Besides, the combined Linear Ion Trap can perform Multi-stage Tandem Mass Spectrometry, making it a very effective approach for compound structure elucidation and target component identification.

We have specialized technicians to maintain and use these mass spectrometers.


Atomic Force Microscope (MFP-3D)

(Application example: Shape and hardness measurement of samples such as lipoproteins and cells)


Electrochemical Analyzer (ALS Model600C)

(Application example: Measurement of LDL anti-oxidant activity, and oxidation-reduction reaction)


Clinical Chemistry Analyzer (HITACHI 7170)

(Application example: Lipid analysis)


Microplate reader (PerkinElmer ARVO MX 1420-032)

(Application example: Measurement of ORAC, DPPH, etc.)


Molecular Interaction Analyzer (Initium Affinix Q)

(Application example: To analysis the interaction of biological molecules)


Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (MicroCal VP-ITC)

(Application example: Measurement of coupled heat, measurement of coupling constants, etc.)


Spectrometers (JASCO FP-6500, V-530)、HPLC (HITACHI)、Ultracentrifuge (BECKMAN COULTER, HITACI), etc.