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Laboratory for Advanced Lipid Analysis

  The Laboratory for Advanced Lipid Analysis (LALA), holding on unique advanced technologies, focuses on the analysis of the lipids and their related metabolites that unanalyzable in ordinary laboratories, including the atherosclerosis/inflammation-related peroxided lipids and oxidized lipoproteins, brain function-related phospholipids, e.g. plasmalogen, as well as antioxidants in food and medium-chain fatty acids, which are with trace amount, high instability, and thus difficult to analyze. We have developed our own evaluation system of cultured cells and model animals with the equipment such as liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer, carbon nanotube sensor, and monoclonal antibody.

  LALA provides the society with information about phenomena and substances that can be observed for the first time through such analysis systems. We are actively engaged in collaborative research and development with companies of food, medicine, and clinical testing, as well as other research institutes. The achievement of our research are not only published in international journals and societies, but also for patents easy to use for the companies. LALA has been absorbed into the Research & Business Park Plan of Hokkaido University. At the same time we are expected to contribute to the development of industry-academy collaboration in Hokkaido.

  Most of our researchers are PhDs hired using external funds of not only large-scale research budget from the national government, but also enterprise collaboration and commission projects.



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