Laboratory for Advanced Lipid Analysis

Using our original and advanced technology at the Laboratory for Advanced Lipid Analysis, we are able to analyze lipid and lipid metabolism-related material that are not analyzable by standard laboratories. For example, our laboratory is able to examine lipid peroxide and oxidized lipoproteins that are related to arteriosclerosis and inflammation. We are also able to isolate bioactive phospholipids such as plasmalogen, antioxidants, and medium chain fatty acids our body takes in from food that are related to brain function. These substances are unstable and exist only in very small in amounts, and therefore difficult to analyze. We have established our own analyzing system techniques and equipment such as liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, carbon nanotube sensors, monoclonal antibodies and experimental systems using cultured cells and model animals.
The Laboratory for Advanced Lipid Analysis provides information to the community about phenomenon and materials that can only be observed through our unique analyzing system. In our pursuit of joint research and development opportunities, we are actively collaborating with other research organizations and companies that are related to food, medicine and clinical inspection services. Not only do we present our research results at major medical conferences and in international scientific journals, but we also apply for patents on the results of our research so these companies can easily use this new knowledge. The Laboratory for Advanced Lipid Analysis is part of the Hokkaido University Research and Business Park, and it is our hope that our endeavors will contribute to the development of business-academia relationships in Hokkaido. Many of our researchers are PhDs hired using external funds such as large-scale research grants and scientific research funds from the national government.
In addition to the funding mentioned above, collaborating companies also allocate collaboration research funds and fiduciary research funds, which are applied to our administration budget.