The English word health is derived from the Greek word holos, which means whole.
Holos is the root of the modern English words whole, holy, heal and health. I find it intriguing that those four words are conceptually connected.
I interpret this connection this way; when the body and mind are in harmony as a whole, a holy power of healing occurs to promote health.
Society today often places unreasonable demands on our lives. This can destroy the harmony between our mind and body.
More people become sick when their holy power of healing weakens.
So how do we maintain a balanced harmony? What is the true power of healing? Health Science holds the key to answering these questions.
We aim to popularize the knowledge and skills we gain from studying health science through close collaboration with corporations, communities, and government. We believe that these relationships will redirect people to enhance their healing power rather than becoming sick.
This is health innovation, our goal at the Health Innovation & Technology Center of the Hokkaido University Department of Health Sciences. Sincerely,

Health Innovation Center Director
Hitoshi CHIBA  Md., Ph.D